Senior Services

We help provide a host of services to meet senior needs by creating relationships between individuals and VISITATM employees. VISITATM is proud to help you or your loved ones stay connected on a daily basis.

Who We Are
VISITATM is a conversation and monitoring service that assigns you to your very own companion that calls each day to chat. He or she forms a relationship with you and helps identify any problems and issues you are experiencing with conversations that focus on the following:

• Preventing or Reducing Possible Depression

• Transmitting Requests for Medical Care without Actually Diagnosing
  or Recommending Any Course of Action

• Understanding your normal routine in order to be able to detect any sudden changes

• Ensuring Prescribed Medications Are Being Taken on Time


Computer, Senior Services in Wilmington, DE

Tracking Reports
We provide reports on a regular basis that show how your loved one is doing.    

Added Benefits
Having a friend that keeps up with you each day comes with added benefits. Naturally, they learn your routines, and help you remember important things, like taking your medicines. Additionally, when it's hard to leave the house and socialize with others, you can chat and share your thoughts with a caring person in the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, sometimes it's just nice to talk with someone other than family. While relatives can be a great source of comfort and companionship, branching out our communication networks can only be beneficial for everyone. After all, even devoted relatives need an ocassional vacation. In addition, this service is cost effective, as it is much more affordable than hiring a nurse to visit the house each day.

Feel less isolated by contacting us to learn more about services offered by our company.